DVRs Let You Watch TV On Your Time.

Digital Video Recorders give you the flexibility of recording your favorite shows, and watching them at your convenience.

DVRs truly change the way you watch tv. Below are some of the things we love about Cross DVRs:

• Set your DVR to automatically record every new episode for an entire season of your favorite series, or record a one-time showing of a game or event. Not available for PPV or VOD events.

• With a Cross Television, you can watch and control recorded shows on any TV in your home with a single DVR. Start your show in the living room, and finish it in the bedroom. Now that's convenient!

• Record one show while you watch a completely different show!

• Pause, play, rewind and fast forward through any of your recorded shows. You can even rewind and pause live tv, if you were interrupted and didn't hear or see that important detail.

Cross Television's DVR capabilities are top of the line, but don't take our word for it. Stop by your local Cross store today and see for yourself! Take our TV for a test drive, and you'll see why Cross Televison is changing the way people watch their tv.




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