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We know problems arise, that's why we're here to serve you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Call any time of the day or night and leave your problem with either a help desk technician or on our voice messaging system. We'll make it our top priority to find a solution to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

I am having issues with my service, who do I call?

Always call in and report trouble to our Service and Support group, 1-800-828-6567, Option 2. They will troubleshoot any issues and start a Trouble Ticket if they are unable to resolve the issue over the phone. The best way to make sure trouble can be corrected without unexpected cost is to subscribe to our Maintenance Plan, for a monthly fee you can avoid Service Call fees and the cost of replacement Cross purchased equipment.

I think I need a new modem, what do I do?

The first thing would be to contact our Service and Support group so they can help you troubleshoot your Cross equipment, 1-800-828-6567, Option 2 for service. If it is determined you need a replacement Cross provided modem and you subscribe to our Maintenance Plan, we will replace it for you. If you chose not to subscribe to the Maintenance Plan, you can purchase a new modem from us, or provide a compatible modem of your choice.

How do I add the Maintenance Plan to my Account?

In order to add the Maintenance Plan to your account you need to call our Customer Service Team, 1-800-828-6567, Option 1, and speak to a representative. Please note, that existing customers who wish to subscribe to the Maintenance Plan will have to wait 30 days to use the program to waive any fees or equipment.

Settings for email clients (Thunderbird, Outlook Express, etc.)

POP3 Server = Port # 995, Use SSL = Yes
IMAP Server = Port # 993, Use SSL = Yes
SMTP Server = Port # 465 (for SSL) or 587 (for TLS)

NOTE - If your email client does not mention "SSL" or "TLS", look for an option to enable "Encryption".
Authentication will be and your password.

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