Cross Voice Internet Phone

High Speed Internet

Cross has the right Plan For you! Below you can shop our speeds and additional services. *Some services are location based and are not available in all areas. Call us today and one of our knowledgable Customer Service Representatives will be able to help you, 1-800-828-6567.

Cross Voice Internet Phone

With CrossTV you get the best!

No charge for DVR and no additional Charge per room. CrossTV is a location based service and is not available everywhere, please call us at 1-800-828-6567 for more information.

Cross Voice Internet Phone

Cross Telephone Services

With a long history of providing land line service we are proud to offer the best voice services in our 11 services areas. If you combine home phone service with one of our internet plans you will save $10 per month on your combined services.

Basic land line service is $24.66 per month before features, taxes and fees. This does not include any long distance calling or call features.
See additional features below.

Landline service is avaialble in: Enterprise, Gore, Keefeton, Keota, Kinta, Longtown, McCurtain, Porum, Quinton, Warner, and Webbers Falls.
Stigler Customers we now offer Voice services in your area! Please call us 1-800-828-6567 for more details.

Long Distance

Cross Long Distance, powered by OpticTel, offers unlimited long distance calls for $25 anywhere in the continental United States.

Class Pak

For $15 get our most popular features:
Call Waiting Incoming call tone while on the line. Put the first caller on hold, answer the new call, and switch back and forth.
  Caller ID (Name & Number)** - View name and telephone number of the caller after the second ring.
  3-Way Calling Connect with two different people in two different locations at the same time. Option to put one person on hold while you talk to the other.
  User Transfer Using 3-Way Calling, you can transfer a call to another access line, and you can drop out of the call without disconnecting the other two.
  Automatic Callback Your phone will redial a busy number for you for up to 30 minutes. When the number's available, a special ring lets you know.
  Automatic Recall Tells you the last number that called your phone, and lets you call that number. If the number's busy, it will keep dialing for up to 30 minutes.
  Call Forwarding (One Type, You Choose!)
- Standard Call Forwarding Sends all your calls to another number you specify.
- Selective Call Forwarding Forward up to 8 selected numbers to another number.
- Call Forwarding/Don't Answer Forwards your calls to the number you specify, but gives you a chance to answer the phone at home within predetermined number of rings before call is forwarded.
- Call Forwarding/Busy Program your phone to automatically transfer incoming calls to the number you specify if your line is busy.

More Lines

Available upon request.


Available upon request.


"Terminating Call Manager" Block RoboCalls, purchase the feature for $35 and never pay again, or subscribe for only $1.25 per month. TCM comes with Call blocking feature at no additional cost. How does it work? When a number calls in that is recognized as a "RoboCall" the system challenges the caller by asking them to press the #1 to ring thorugh to the line, all of this goes on before your home phone ever rings! You can manage your "allowed" and "blocked" numbers right from your phone.
For more information, please contact Cross Telephone Company at 1-800-828-6567 and one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will help you find just what you need.