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For over 100 years, Cross has faithfully provided Telecommunications Services to rural communities in Eastern Oklahoma. We are committed to breaking through the broadband barrier in rural Oklahoma communities. With Fiber to the home already available in several of our communities, we continue to work towards providing connectivity to as many Oklahomans as possible. Cross is continuously researching and upgrading equipment to provide our customers with the technology available to our more populous neighboring communities. We believe Rural Oklahoma is a special place that deserves reliable access to all technological opportunities that will help it thrive.
Founded in 1911, we have been family owned from the start, and have become a trusted internet service provider and community member in our service areas. We strive to provide the best and up-to-date services possible. Today, Cross Telephone continues to expand our Fiber network to support the communities we serve by providing them with the technology needed to conduct business, get an education, and stay connected. While we are a legacy company, we are committed to the future of rural Oklahoma, a place we are proud to serve, and call home.

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Broadband First

Cross is able to commit to our "Broadband First" promise because we are able to focus on broadband and communications infrastructure. There are no other services that would take priority over communications at Cross. Broadband technologies change rapidly as advancements are made to increase connectivity and close the digital divide. The extensive knowledge held by Cross is paramount when it comes to troubleshooting, expansion projects and maintenance of networking systems. Design and implementation of expansion is directed by decades of experience in the broadband industry.

This also includes locating and applying for funding opportunities as to not pass the cost of fiber networks on to the communities. The model is based on rural infrastructure development and not just profitably for the company. Dependable broadband services require a specific set of skills which can only be gained by an understanding of networking technology.

Cross is investing $20 Million in new Fiber network infrastructure in Haskell, LeFlore, McIntosh and Sequoyah counties.

The areas we will be building have no current broadband infrastructure, so we are not duplicating the efforts of other broadband providers, rather we are expanding to serve those who have no services. Our model is based on rural infrastructure development.

The "Communications Difference"

Communications are first when you choose a communications company to provide home phone and broadband services. We provide alternative power sources to our network equipment so when electrical services fail communication technology is still available. Due to this, our customers continue to have access to critical emergency services such as 911 during electrical power outages.*

Communications technology should be prioritized as an emergency service by those who provide it, and should never take a secondary position to other services. When communications services, including broadband, are not the primary service priorities come in to question. Dependable broadband and communications services require a specific set of skills which can only be gained by an understanding of networking technology. Telecommunications providers are those most qualified to provide, support and expand communications infrastructure.

Take this information into consideration when choosing who will provide your communications services such as home phone and broadband. This information may leave you with unanswered questions for other providers in your area, make sure you know what your communication options are if there is an electrical outage.

*Customers of traditional telephone services have continued access to voice services during electrical outages. Power to operate a traditional hard-line phone is provided via our copper cables – and because our telephone systems contain battery and generator backup, our customers continue to have access to critical emergency services such as 911 during electrical power outages.

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Higher Speeds Everywhere

Building sustainable Fiber networks takes time, so in areas where we have not yet been able to implement fiber we have been investing in increasing the capacity of our other network equipment to better serve our communities. Our basic speed package is 25 mbps and strive to provide those speeds to every customer within our service areas. Additionally we are able to offer up to 100 mbps to many customers who aren't on fiber yet!

Do you need more speed? Contact us today to Speed Check your plan by filling out our Speed Check Form or call us at 1-800-828-6567.

Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves on providing the best service at a highly competitive price. We have not raised the prices of any of our broadband packages, in fact in 2019 we decreased the base prices our available broadband packages and added higher speed packages for existing locations!

Additionally, we participate in Federal programs that help cover the cost of any of our eligible broadband packages. Click here to learn more about LifeLine. We also have programs available offered exclusively by Cross, such as the Connect a Veteran Program that can lower bills down to just $1.75 per month. In March 2020, we partnered with Warner Public Schools during the COIVD-19 pandemic to connect every Warner Eagles' household within our service area so that their education could continue from home.

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We have many packages to choose from, the best way to determine which plans we offer in your areas is to Request Service and one of our Sales Representatives will locate you within our network and contact you to provide package information.

*The speeds we identify for each High Speed Internet Service level are the maximum upload and download speeds that customers are likely to experience. We provision our customers’ modems and engineer our network to deliver the speeds to which our customers subscribe. However, we do not guarantee that a customer will actually achieve those speeds at all times. A variety of factors can affect upload and download speeds, including customer equipment, network equipment, congestion in our network, congestion beyond our network, performance issues with an Internet application, content, or service, and more. For more information please visit our Legal Page.

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