Description of Network Openness

Cross Telephone Company follows the 2005 FCC Broadband Policy which encourages broadband deployment of the public Internet by ensuring that consumers are entitled to (1) access the lawful Internet content of their choice, (2) run applications and use services of their choice, subject to the needs of law enforcement, (3) connect their choice of legal devices that do no harm to the network, and (4) competition among (a) network, (b) application and service and (c) content providers.

Cross Telephone Company’s lines and equipment are provided for use without discriminating on the public Internet content being delivered. Cross Telephone Company will provide a broadband network free from restriction on (1) content, (2) access to websites, (3) platforms, (4) the kinds of attached equipment, and (5) the modes of communication allowed while maintaining high quality network performance.  

Network management policies are conspicuously posted on Cross Telephone Company’s web page. Should any changes to these policies arise because of regulatory, business, or other reasons, customers will be notified in their billing statements and on Cross Telephone Company’s web page with details of the changes.

Cross Telephone Company will provide connectivity to the public Internet directly or indirectly at reasonable rates and terms for the subscribers. Additionally, no part of this project is considered a closed network.

Cross Telephone Company reserves the right to manage its network to promote the use and enjoyment of the Internet for all customers. High speed bandwidth and other network resources are not unlimited and the speed of delivery of content to all users may be slowed during times of congestion. During these times, Cross Telephone Company will use reasonable network management practices that are consistent with industry standards and are minimally intrusive. Cross Telephone Company reserves the right to change its network management practices to address issues, as the internet continues to grow and evolve.

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