Deposits are held as a security on the account until good credit has been established.
Accounts are reviewed at the end of January and July. Deposits are refunded to the customer’s account, regardless who pays the deposit, only when the following requirements are met.

  1. Service must be active for 12 months.
  2. Payment is due upon receipt of bill and no later than the 15th of each month.
  3. No Negative Activity
  4. No Returned Checks
  5. No Final Notices

Deposits are automatically applied to the customer’s account if the account is disconnected, once ALL long distance toll/remaining charges has been billed, usually within 60 days, any balance remaining will be refunded to the customer on the account.

Interest is paid on the deposit and applied quarterly to the account. This is shown on your bill under “OTHER CHARGES AND CREDITS” as “Interest on Deposit of $ amount for # days.”

The above deposit refund policy will be available on our website for customer review. Once a deposit is posted to a customer’s account, the customer will be able to see said deposit amount on their Cross Telephone or Cross Cable invoice.


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