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I like to have my back scratched, and so does my wife. Well, there are a few other folks who would probably appreciate a good back scratchin', too; therefore, I better get busy.

Now, these are links, as I'm sure you already know. You can click on any of these red doo-dads and you'll be instantly beamed over to their web page and/or site. Kinda like Dorothy's ruby slippers or the U.S.S. Enterprise's transporter room, isn't it? That's the theory, anyway.

Give it a try sometime when you have the time or the inclination. By the way, those little white pointing hands look like the way girls used to wear their gloves to the prom during the days of Wally and the Beaver, and Marines still wear them when they put on their dress blues whether they're going to a dance or not. Kinda strange when you think about it, huh?

About the Links:

These links are listed alphabetically. There is no ranking. They are all useful. I'll say it again for emphasis. They are all useful! I want everyone who has been good to Yours Truly to be treated fairly and equally. You shan't be disappointed, in my opinion, with any of them. Of course, that is an opinion and not a guarantee, you understand. If I didn't believe these were good pages/sites with some helpful information and things, I wouldn't waste my time listing them. They're the cat's meow! Click on one and see for yourself.
It's not like you've got something better to do at the moment, because if you did, you'd be doing that and not reading this. Right?
eBay (About Me Page)
Ezine Depot
Fandata Fandom Directory
Humor Links
Mr. FreeFree
Open Directory Project (DMOZ)
Open Here
Search Hippo
711 Christian Directory
Slacker's Sci-Fi Source
The Best Christian Links (TBCL)
Ultimate Christian Resources
World Publishing Industry


As for E-mail:

No, it's not Bill; however, I do have my new webmaster's monkey and internet swabbie, Cabin Boy Boogus! He'll be bringing me all of my e-mail from now on. Besides, he works for peanuts--and the occasional banana. Click his friendly mug to contact me if there's a problem with a link or something, or you've got something nice to say. If it's something mean and hateful, I don't think I really care to hear it. Would you?

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